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Poland: Woolworth discount stores intends to enter Poland next year.

Discount non-food Retail Chain Woolworth is developing as fast as no other department store in Germany. Woolworth started operating in 2010 from 158 discount stores, it currently have over 500 stores in German downtown, shopping centers and specialist stores. We are now planning to start in Poland.

Woolworth enters Poland

Woolworth is developing dynamically and in 2023 we plan the first opening of stores in Poland. In difficult times for German retail trade Woolworth has proved that the discount stores are doing well, if you know how to do it. Woolworth is a trader and lives on sale from conviction. 'We never forget how important for our customers are low prices and a wide range of products' Woolworth says.

What locations does Woolworth look for?

Location for new Woolworth stores is currently underway. What is the German discount look for?

- new or existing real estate

- locations in parks and shopping centers, in frequently frequented pedestrian traffic zones and near commercial places in city centers (preferred top locations), district centers

- preferred surfaces on the ground floor with a rectangular horizontal throw

in the case of two-storey surfaces, necessary escalators with the elevator

- commercial area: 800 - 1200 m² (preferably on one level)

- Additional area: 100-200m²

- the width of the front site at least 15 meters

- truck supply zone

- as much as possible exposure to external sales directly in front of the premises

- Location: convenient access, enough parking spaces, connection with local public transport.

Who will direct the Woolworth network in Poland?

Woolworth Polska sp.z o.o. It is based in Katowice at 11 Listopada 11. The company's management is made up of: Maciej Cwikla, Oliver Penner and Lennart Wehrmeier.

What does Woolworth sell?

Woolworth stores offer, among others Textiles, home furnishings, electronics, decorative articles, toys and stationery. Assortiment is about 6,000 position, in line with the assortment size of another successful European discount non-food retail chain Action.

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