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Research: discounter Aldi Private Label brands are as expensive as that of supermarket Albert Heijn

Anyone who buys products from a private label in the supermarket has spent as much money on it at discounter #Aldi as at service supermarket #AlbertHeijn. That is the conclusion of the independent dutch #consumentenbond, who only looked at the prices of more than a hundred 'essential basic private label products' in the fourteen main retailers in the Netherlands.

People who don't mind taking their groceries from the bottom shelves are on average half cheaper than when they buy premium A-brands. That is a bigger difference than four years ago, when, according to the 'consumentenbond', it was 40 percent cheaper.

For the research, only the prices of A-brands were compared to those of the own or so-called Private Label brands. These are mainly brands that are sold exclusively at one supermarket chain and are marketed as the cheaper benchmark variant of the A-brand.

On average you save half by buying those products. "But the saving can be much greater per product. With washing and cleaning products, care products, coffee and soft drinks, the saving is often more than 70 percent," says the 'consumentenbond'.

According to the 'consumentbond', supermarket chain Dirk is the cheapest with basic private brands. "It is striking that discounter Lidl and Aldi only score average when it comes to the lowest priced products, not comparing quality and ingredients." Aldi is at the same level as Albert Heijn. Spar is the most expensive in this research.


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