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Russia: Discounter Da! revenues grew by 42.2%

Listed Russian retailer O'Key's (owner of the DA! discount retail chain) net retail revenue in Q4 2020 increased by 6.0% yoy to RUB 48,939 million (US$ 647million) mainly due to an increase in net retail revenue of the group's comparable stores, as well as the expansion of the retail space of the Da! Discount Retail Chain. Revenue for the group's LFL stores in Q4 2020 increased by 4.2% yoy thanks to the growth of Da! Discounters and hypermarkets "OK".

Net retail revenue of the O'Key hypermarket chain in Q4 2020 increased by 1.6% yoy to RUB 41,808 million (US$ 552million) mainly due to a 1.8% yoy increase in LFL revenue.

Net retail revenue of the Da! Discounter chain In Q4 2020, it grew by 42.2% YoY to RUB 7,131 million (US$ 94million), mainly driven by an increase in LFL revenue by 23.5% and an expansion of selling space by 15.1% YoY.

In accordance with the earlier forecast, in the IV quarter of 2020 the group opened 13 discounters "Da!" (net figure including closings), resulting in 118 stores at the end of 2020. The Group expects discounters to continue to be the main driver of business growth in the future.

Key operating indicators for 12M 2020

The group's net retail revenue for 12M 2020 increased by 5.9% yoy to RUB 172,738 million (US$ 2.3 Billion) mainly due to a 5.4% yoy increase in LFL revenue.

Net retail revenue of Da! Discounters for 12 months of 2020 increased by 45.3% yoy to RUB 25,950 million (US$ 343 Million) on the back of a 27.8% yoy increase in revenue for comparable stores (LFL) and an expansion of the chain's selling space by 15.8%. At the end of 12 months of 2020, the share of the Da! Discounter chain in the group's total net retail revenue was 15%.

Revenue for O'Key LFL stores in 12M 2020 increased by 2.5% yoy, thanks to which the chain's net retail revenue grew by 1.0% yoy to RUB 146,788 million (US$1.9Billion).

Sales through the Okay online delivery platform grew by 28.4% YoY in 12M 2020 and accounted for 3.7% of Okay's net retail revenue in Moscow and 2.1% in St. Petersburg.

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