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Russia: Magnit opens first B1 discount store in Moscow

Since February the largest European retail chain, Magnit, runs 2 discount concepts, My Price and B1. The latter shows a bit more features of a hard discount model. Now they opened their first B1 store in Moscow, at Izmaillovskoye prospect.

The store covers 350 m2 and also has its own bakery. The assortment of the discount store includes about 1,000 items of food and non-food products that cover basic consumer needs, including fresh vegetables and fruits. The store presents weight products, which account for more than 10% of the assortment structure (cereals, pasta, sweets, berries, frozen fish and seafood). The share of fresh food products accounts for more than a third of the assortment.

Pallet and box display of goods allows you to instantly place products on the trading floor, bypassing the storage stage in the store after delivery. For the convenience of customers, the outlet is equipped with self-service checkouts in addition to the usual cash registers.

Magnit launched the hard discounter format in February 2023. Currently, the B1 chain of stores unites ten outlets: one in Moscow, the rest in different cities of the Moscow region. Magnit tests various store configurations and types of locations to form an optimal model of a hard discounter, and then will decide on scaling the format. A key feature of the format is low prices, which are achieved through deep optimization of operational processes in stores and logistics.

Source:, DRC

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