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UK: Aldi and Lidl have matched Sainsbury’s and Tesco in cutting milk prices

All four retailers have cut the price on four pints of milk this week from £1.65 to £1.55 – a 6% fall. The price of two pints is down from £1.30 to £1.25, while one pint has fallen from 95p to 90p.

Milk prices hit an all-time high earlier this year following average annual rises of 43%, according to ONS in February. “We’ve seen some cost price deflation for milk across the market in recent times, and we want to take this opportunity to pass that reduction on to customers,” said Tesco UK CEO last week.

Sainsbury’s echoed the comment, saying it was “working hard to keep prices low, especially on the everyday essentials people buy the most”.

It comes as farmgate milk prices begin to fall, official government data shows. Prices peaked at 51.6p per litre in December 2022, but are now down to 48p per litre – a fall of 7%.

Both Sainsbury’s and Tesco have confirmed that milk price cuts in stores will not affect how much they pay their farmers.

Sainsbury’s has developed a pricing model called the Cost of Production, which was voted through by farmers. Sainsbury’s says it protects farmers against price cuts in the market.

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