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UK: Iceland updates packaging with energy-saving instructions

Discount Frozen food Retail Chain Iceland UK (owned by the UK based Iceland Food Group) is adding air fryer cooking instructions to its own private label product packaging as it looks to help shoppers save money on their energy bills.

This comes as data from the UK Office for National Statistics revealed that 48% of adults are struggling to pay their energy bills.

Last month, Iceland partnered with energy provider, Utilita to find the most cost-effective cooking methods. The research found air-fryers to be one of the cheapest appliances to use, saving customers over £3 (US$3.36) on each meal. For 20 to 25 minutes of oven-cooking, the study found the cost of energy totaled to £1.05 (US$1.18) in comparison to using an air fryer which would reduce both cooking time and energy price to 16p (US$0.18).

Looking into the cost of a Sunday roast, the research found that cooking with an air-fryer instead of an oven could reduce energy costs by 80%. Microwaves were also found to be one of the appliances most cost-effective in comparison to an electric oven, which costs £316.54 (US$354.27) a year to use.

The packaging update now forms part of the collaborations ‘Shop Smart, Cook Savvy’ initiative, committing to 11 pro-consumer and pro-planet pledges. At the time of the initiative’s launch, Iceland managing director, Richard Walker said the collaboration “shines a light on the relationship between what we buy and how much energy we use cooking it, helping to empower our customers and provide them with access to information that can help stretch their budgets further.”


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