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Ukraine: ATB continues to reopen stores in occupied territories

Discount Retail Chain ATB Corporation (owned by the Ukrainian business men Borys Markov and Hennadiy Butkevyc) has announced that it is reopening soft discount stores in occupied territories in the country and is expanding operations in peaceful regions.

The company added that it is primarily focusing on restoring operations of temporarily closed stores, launching new warehouses and logistics sites, opening new stores, and creating new jobs for Ukrainians.

Reopening and expansion

So far, the company has already reopened more than 100 stores in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv regions. In total, about 1,000 of the company's stores are currently operating across Ukraine, it noted.

The retailer has also opened two new warehouses, which are supporting its warehousing and transportation requirements in the western, northern and central regions of the country.

Currently, the company's warehousing and logistics needs are being met by eight distribution centres throughout Ukraine, the company added.

In addition, ATB also opened two new stores in Busk and Zolochiv in the Lviv region.

The company has created approximately 1,000 new jobs and restored 4,000 jobs in this period. ATB Corporation employs more than 60,000 people across its business.

Future plans

In the near future, the retailer plans to reopen more than 50 stores in Kyiv and Chernihiv regions and launch a new 14,000 square-metre distribution centre in the Kyiv region.

It also aims to open seven new stores in the western region of the country, primarily in the city of Lviv, Uzhhorod and Chernivtsi, and restore thousands of jobs. Last week, the Ukrainian retailer announced plans to directly import food and essential goods to its stores from Poland, the Baltic States and Turkey to ensure the continuous supply of goods.


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