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Belgium: 7 out of 10 Belgians more often opt for private labels

As a response to rising inflation, more and more Belgians are opting for private labels, supermarket chain Aldi claims. A survey commissioned by the discounter should show that 7 out of 10 Belgians more often buy private label products.

Inflation leaves its mark on consumer purchasing behaviour. No surprise, but a study in Aldi says it shows how behavior changes. “Comparing prices has become a daily routine for more than 4 in 5 Belgians, according to a representative iVOX survey,” says Aldi. “What ends up in the shopping cart also changes. Private labels are gaining in popularity. More than 7 in 10 Belgians indicate that they are buying private labels more often since the rise in inflation.” The research shows that private labels are more popular in Flanders (75%) than in the south of the country (69%) and that more young people indicate saving on the household budget as a reason to buy household brands. Among adults under 34 years of age, 77% cite this as a reason to buy more 'white products'. In people over 55 that is 66%.

The popularity of private labels will also continue in the long term, Aldi claims. The survey shows that as many as 3 in 4 Belgians plan to continue purchasing private labels, even when inflation becomes less noticeable. 4 in 5 young people say they will continue to choose private labels more often in the future. Aldi wants to further play out the price argument of private labels in the coming weeks. “Every week we will show the price difference between the same basket of A brands for sale at Aldi and our own brands. In this way we want to give all Belgians a helping hand to make budget-friendly choices," says Isabel Henderick, Managing Director Marketing and Communication at Aldi. “Consumers will quickly notice that it is smart to choose private labels. More than 90% of the permanent range at Aldi consists of private labels.”

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