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Denmark: New discount chain reveals popular selection - one item surprises

Discount Retail Chain Basalt (owned by Salling group) gets after just a week a clearer picture of customers' favorites in the new discount chain. Customers who have visited Salling Group's latest discount store concept 'Basalt' for the past week are targeting a number of items.

At the top are four items that can be bought cheaply in the store. The most popular items based on all shops are toilet paper, bananas and peeled tomatoes. It reveals Salling Group.

According to chain manager Henrik Nielsen, he was expected to say that he says to Helsingør Dagblad. But one last item surprises him. Cooking oil has been particularly popular in Helsingør. 'It has surprised us. We knew it would sell well, but that it would go up and become a case load-product. We hadn't seen it coming', says Henrik Nielsen to the newspaper.

He explains that there are rarely offers of just rapeseed and sunflower oil in the regular discount stores, and therefore the price of oil in Basalt in the eyes of the customers.

When Basalt opened just over a week ago, they promoted to be 15 percent cheaper on average. In a test conducted by TV 2 East Jutland, it turns out that there is something to save if you buy basic goods. A purchase of pasta, rice, flour, oatmeal, tuna, potatoes and peeled tomatoes in Aldi and Coop365 costs 70.8 (US$9.39) and 70.5 (US$9.35)kroner respectively. At Basalt, customers only have to pay 57.85 (US$7.67) for the same, which is ca. 18% cheaper as other Dannish discount retail formats.

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