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Global: Oxfam grocery retail check 2020; Dealing with human rights

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Discount Retail Chains #Lidl, #Aldi South / North and Rewe (owner of discounter #Penny) have improved compared to previous years.

#NGO #Oxfam has assessed the business policies of 16 supermarkets and discounters from different countries in relation to their handling of human rights.

Grocery retailers in #Germany, #UK, #USA and the #Netherlands were analyzed with regard to the topics of transparency, workers' rights, dealing with small farmers and women's rights. According to the report, the pricing policy in the markets ensures that, for example, harvest workers still receive starvation wages.

Lidl, the best German retailer in the ranking, is in fourth place because, according to Oxfam, the company now publishes a large part of its direct suppliers. In the third year of the grocery retailer check, Lidl thus increased from 9% to 32% of the total number of points. Aldi South and Rewe came in sixth and seventh with 25% each, Aldi North in tenth (18%).

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