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Netherlands: In years Aldi, Lidl and private label brands were not as popular as it is now

Dutch consumers are shopping more often at Aldi and Lidl. The market shares of these discounters are now larger than they were in years, according to figures from market researcher IRI. Private label brands are also a lot more popular now that the groceries are becoming more and more expensive.

"Now that people really feel inflation in the wallet, we see that they do shopping more often at Aldi and Lidl," says Sjanny van Beekveld of IRI. Earlier this year the two discounters already won market share. IRI called that when the recovery of lost terrain.

According to IRI figures, the two supermarkets are now on a joint market share of 16.3 percent. That is the second largest market share since 2010. Only in 2018 did it peak a fraction above it with 16.4 percent. Since then that it fell, until this year.

"We think that the extra growth now is caused by the increased prices." Because prices are increasing, Van Beekveld also expects that the 'cheap supermarkets' will start even more market share of traditional supermarkets.

"They do a lot of campaign to show that they also have low prices articles." Incidentally, the question is whether discounters are really so cheaper. "At least they have that image," says IRI.

Furthermore, it appears that we buy private brand products much more often in the 'traditional service supermarkets'. That share is also the highest in years with just over 27 percent.


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