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Philippines: Dali embraces digital payments to lure customers

Discount Retail Chain DALI has started accepting credit cards and digital payments in response to requests of its growing consumer base.

DALI, which previously accepted only cash payments, began to accept Maya, GCash, Visa and Mastercard on Monday, joining its bigger rivals and traditional retailers.

Julianne, tending the cash registry at a DALI outlet in Pasig, said customers are very happy and many are already using the new payment options. “Since we opened many have been saying that we should have GCash, Maya and credit cards.”

Digital and credit card payments are particularly strong in residential areas without easy access to banks for cash withdrawals.

Despite only accepting cash since its start in 2020 during the pandemic, DALI has grown rapidly, luring consumers with its low-priced, quality products.

The retailer currently has 630 stores and plans to expand to 950 outlets by year-end.

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