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Poland: The market is moving towards convenience. Lidl and Aldi say pas for now

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Discount Retail Chain Biedronka (owned by Portuguese Jeronimo Martins) and even the discounter Netto Poland (owned by Danish Salling Group) have the trend of opening smaller and smaller formats by large discount retail chains. Lidl and Aldi do not have such plans in Poland yet.

The first Biedronka in a small format was launched in June 2020, and this format is to be mainly developed by franchisees. Shops of this format have a meat counter and a sales area of ​​500m2. One of the most interesting projects of Netto last year was the opening of the first convenience store. On 380m2 of space, the chain offers the most popular and most frequently purchased food products. It is a response to customer demand, especially in large cities, for stores nearby, which enable quick shopping.

Lidl focuses on comfortable shopping

A few years ago, the Lidl chain wanted to test the Lidl Express concept in other markets. However, the project was not implemented. Does the network in Poland have plans for a smaller format?

- Our sales strategy is a network of free-standing facilities, located on the main communication routes, with their own car parks for customers. It sometimes happens that our stores are also present in shopping malls and parks as well as on the ground floors of office and residential buildings. In addition, we provide spacious shopping aisles, a wide range and the possibility of using self-service checkouts, an attractive offer as well as additional coupons and discounts with the Lidl Plus shopping application. We strive to provide the customers of our stores with comfortable shopping.

"Each country individually makes decisions related to the development of its chain of stores and testing various concepts", says Aleksandra Robaszkiewicz from Lidl Polska.


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