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Russia: Owners Discount Retail Chain Fix Price and Svetofor included in list richest businessmen

In the annual ranking of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia, 13 new names have appeared, three of which belong to the owners of grocery chains. We are talking about the owners of the largest Russian discount retail chains Fix Price and Svetofor.

The third and fourth lines in the list of newcomers of the rating were taken by the members of the Board of Directors of Fix Price Sergey Lomakin and Artem Khachatryan. After the retailer's IPO on the London Stock Exchange in March 2021, Lomakin and Khachatryan became billionaires, their fortune is estimated at US$ 3.1 billion each (48th and 49th in the overall rating).

Valentina Schneider was included in the rating for the first time, her family owns the Krasnoyarsk Svetofor chain of stores (including discounters MERE and Torgservis), recognized by INFOline analysts as the fastest growing grocery chain in 2020 (revenue growth by 39%). Schneider's fortune was estimated at US$ 650 million.

In addition, an H&E retailer managed to get into the rating for the first time. We are talking about Alexei Abramov (US$ 700 million), Vladislav Mangutov (US$ 650 million) and Oleg Karchev (US$ 600 million), co-owners of Merlion, which operates an online store of electronics and household appliances "Citylink".


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