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France: Système U Boasts The Most Eco-Friendly Private Label Range

Système U's private label selection is the most eco-friendly in France, a new study has shown, with some 27.2% of the retailer's own private label branded products boasting an Eco-Score 'A' rating. (see here for more on DRC's Private Label Brand development services)

As journalist Olivier Dauvers revealed on his blog, domestic retailers perform relatively strongly when it comes to the eco-friendly qualities of their private label selection, with 25.3% of Casino's products, 24.2% of Leclerc's products, 24.1% if Auchan's products, 24.4% of Intermarché's products and 23.9% of Carrefour's products receiving an Eco-Score 'A' rating.

At Lidl, however, the number of products earning an 'A' rating stands at 17.6%, while at Aldi, it's 15.9%. Lidl and Aldi also boast the highest percentage of products to earn an Eco-Score 'E' rating, of 17.0% and 17.6% respectively. The study was carried out by ScanUp, which developed the Eco-Score ranking to assess the environmental impact of food products, with 'A' ranked products having the lowest impact and 'E' ranked products boasting the highest. The Eco-Score is calculated on the basis of the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of each product from the ADEME Agribalyse database. Consumers can scan use the ScanUp application to scan the barcode of a product and obtain information on its nutritional quality and environmental impact.

The Eco-Score is the result of collaborative work between 10 independent players: ScanUp, Eco2 Initiatives, Etiquettable, Yuka, Open Food Facts, Frigo Magic, La Fourche, Marmiton, Food Chéri and Seazon.

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