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Turkey: Şok Marketler fixes prices for 1,000 products

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Discount Retail Chain Şok Marketler (listed on BIST: SOKM) sets prices for 1,000 products throughout January. From rice to pasta, from legumes to flour, from tea and coffee to sugar, from oil to margarine, from potatoes to onions, the prices for 1,000 basic household items will remain constant until the end of January.

Commenting on the pricing campaign, Uğur Demirel, CEO of Şok Marketler said: “Due to global fluctuations, it has been a difficult year for manufacturers, retailers and consumers, in which costs and therefore prices have increased. We as Şok Marketler have decided to fix our prices for 1,000 products throughout January, in relation to our country’s economy and budget of our customers. We have always “This time we have pleasantly surprised our customers by establishing our low price policy, which we applied throughout January. In other words, although the cost of the specified 1,000 products increases, their prices remain constant through the end of the month.

We as Şok Marketler always supply our customers with our reliable and high-quality products at the best prices. We play an important role in suppressing inflation with our below-market pricing policy in our stores spread across 81 provinces. We have always lived the “From Unity to Abundance” approach to our country, our producers and our customers. “ We have stood by our customers and will continue to do so. This campaign is the best example of that. From now on, we will continue to serve our customers every day with our low price policy below market prices.”

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