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UK: Aldi stays cheapest grocer at UK market

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK (German family owned) has been named the UK’s cheapest supermarket for the sixth month in a row, according to new data from "consumer group Which?".

Which? looked at the prices of 48 popular grocery items at eight of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, with the discount grocer beating fellow Big 4 grocers and rival Lidl.

The group, compared the cost of a larger trolley of 149 items, the original 48, plus 101 more, with some products including Andrex toilet paper, Cathedral City cheese, which the discount grocer’s did not stock.

The average basket at Aldi came up to £77.21, with Waitrose being named the most-expensive with an average basket spend being over £26 more expensive at £104.11.

Lidl followed Aldi in second place reporting an average basket spend of £78.57, followed by the the Big 4 grocer’s. Tesco reported an £87.60 average basket spend, with Asda being just 6p more expensive (£87.66) and Sainsbury’s reporting an average basket spend of £89.85.

Ex-Big 4 grocer Morrisons in sixth place reporting an average spend of £93.49, followed by online-only grocer Ocado at £96.09 and Waitrose topping the list as the most expensive grocer.

“No one wants to overpay for basic groceries, especially in the build-up to the festive season when many household budgets will be stretched,” Which? retail editor Reena Sewraz said.

“Our findings show that while prices are going up, some supermarkets are significantly more expensive than others.

Source: GroceyGazette

“As well as choosing a supermarket that is cheap overall, other ways to save include swapping from branded to supermarket own-brand products, sticking to a shopping list, and resisting the temptation to pick up special offers you don’t need.”

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