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Canada: BİM and Lidl on expansion claims

Discount Retail Chain BİM`s CEO Haluk Dortluoğlu made a statement about the investment news in the Canadian press. According to Canadian media reports, the federal government is looking for foreign businesses to come to the country in an effort to increase competition and give the public more choice. Accordingly, the Canadian government has included Turkey's BİM, as well as Germany's Aldi, Lidl and France's Les Mousquetaires, on the list of potential candidates.

In a statement to Reuters, BİM CEO Haluk Dortluoğlu said, "We have not received any official invitation from Canada. As far as we can tell, this is an internal assessment of the Canadian government and has been leaked to the press. Canada wasn't a market we were thinking of entering anytime soon. However, if requested by the Canadian government, we will of course make an assessment. We analyze the market and give our opinions," he said.

BİM, Turkey's leading food retailer in terms of sales, currently operates in Morocco and Egypt as well as Turkey. According to the latest financial figures announced by the company, BİM's nine-month sales as of the end of the 3rd quarter of 2023 amounted to 184 billion liras ($5.64 billion). In the same period, its net income was 8 billion liras.

Recent news at, quoted that Charlie Miller, president of Canadian Commercial Realty Inc. in London, Ont., mentioned that Lidl has withdrawn from its plans to open short term stores in Canada.

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