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Denmark: Netto acquires also Aldi stores

Discount Retail Chain Netto (owned by the Danish Salling Group) takes over 21 remaining stores and store projects from Aldi, which leaves Denmark, and thus Netto approaches 550 Danish stores. Aldi sold 114 stores of its 188 stores to discount retailer Rema 1000, beginning of December 2022.

The newly acquired stores and locations are distributed throughout Denmark from Rødby in the south to Skive in the north, and from Esbjerg in the west to Kastrup in the east. The plan for the existing Aldi stores is that they will be transformed into Netto's latest store concept called 'Netto 3.0', says Director of Netto Denmark Braw Bakir.

"We look forward to reaching even more customers and continuing the growth we have seen in the past years. This is particularly true in neighbourhoods in, for example, The Netherlands. Aarhus and Esbjerg, where we are not today, but are now moving in with the market's strongest discount offer", says Braw Bakir.

When the last Aldi closes, the German-owned chain completely leaves Denmark. The transaction is subject to approval by the competition authorities before Netto can formally take over the 11 existing stores and 10 projects that are either in progress or will be realized. The refurbishments will begin as soon as the deal is approved and will then take place on an ongoing basis. The same applies to the work on the projects that will be taken over from Aldi, says Braw Bakir.

"We are awaiting the authorities' approval, but we are looking forward to the prospect of getting started. The new stores and projects fit well into Netto's existing store network, which thus reaches 549 stores in total. The agreement means, among other things, that we will need more new colleagues, and here it is natural that we talk to the now former Aldi employees to see if there is a match," says Braw Bakir.

Lidl will take over 4 stores and COOP 1 store remaining Aldi stores.

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