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Germany: Aldi takes entire product category off the shelves

Discount Retail Chain Aldi is changing its range, cheap meat is being replaced. Cheap turkey meat from low housing methods will no longer be available at Aldi Süd in the future. As can be seen from a press release, the discounter instead relies "exclusively on the higher husbandry form 3 and 100 percent on German origin for fresh turkey meat".

The conversion of the entire fresh meat range as well as the chilled meat and sausage products to husbandry forms 3 and 4 was originally to be completed by 2030. However, Aldi has accelerated the process and has achieved "an important milestone in its animal welfare promise of a change of husbandry a good six years earlier than originally planned" with the change in fresh turkey meat.

Forms of meat housing - What are they?

Husbandry method


Housing 1

Stable Housing

Housing 2

Stable Housing Plus

Housing 3


Housing 4


As the consumer advice centre informs on its website, "only housing forms 3 and 4 stand for significantly improved animal housing". However, the offers in Germany would mainly come from housing forms 1 and 2, it was said in June 2023. "The consumer advice centre calls on retailers and the meat industry to significantly expand the range of meat products in husbandry classes 3 and 4."

Product change for the sake of the animals, but there are exceptions at Aldi Süd

Aldi Süd is now apparently complying with the demand of the consumer advice center, at least in partial steps. However, the discounter's announcement indicates that the changes do not apply to "(international) specialties and frozen items as well as promotional items".

Since February 1, another change has also been in force in Germany. There is a labelling obligation for the country of origin of meat.

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