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Netherlands: Variety discounter Action removed self-checkouts

In recent weeks, a number of branches in The Hague, Lelystad, Amsterdam, Purmerend and Hoofddorp, among others, have stopped using the self-checkout.

A customer of the Action on the Zeedijk in Hilversum tells RTL News that the self-scanning columns were suddenly no longer there. "I asked an employee why that was and I got the answer that it was decided because there is so much hunting. So I had to get back in line." Self-checkouts have risen in popularity in recent years. In 2019, the Action started testing self-checkouts in a limited number of stores. A year later it was announced that the Action would roll out the cash registers more widely.

'Search for best way' "It is true that shops are stopping self-scanning," an Action spokesperson confirmed to RTL News. But exactly how many there are, Action does not make clear. "We are constantly looking at how we can improve the customer experience, the self-scan is relatively new, especially for Action. We, and our customers, still have to learn from this and by testing it we learn what the best way is."

It is therefore possible that the self-scans disappear, but also come back again. We look at what works best for each store. "Different ways are being tested with different technological capabilities." The rise of the self-checkout leads to more stolen products. But the Action spokesperson says that "not so much" is the reason for the removal of the cash registers.

Source: RTL News

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