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Poland: Aldi takes traditional discount stores to the next level

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Group (German family owned) has achieved a 38% increase in in-store sales over the past five years, cementing its position among the world's largest food retailers. Last year, global food sales in Aldi stores amounted to US$144 billion, according to Euromonitor International.

Aldi is adapting its business model to expand, attract and capture the purchasing power of more affluent consumers. Aldi has made significant investments to change the perception of its discount chain.

What Aldi is doing

Euromonitor mentions among Aldi's activities developing its premium product line, modernizing stores, investing in technology and opening new locations in exclusive districts. This approach has helped the Aldi Group to become the world's largest grocery discount chain.

Aldi has ambitious plans also in Poland

Within five years, the German chain wants to have about 600 stores in Poland, and ultimately over 1,000. Within two years, Aldi wants to grow by 120 outlets with an area of approx. 1,000 sqm, with parking lots for approx. 80 cars. The standard for the network are areas with a sales hall of about a thousand sqm. This is a benchmark on which the retailer relies, although it also allows slightly smaller and larger outlets. The priority for the network are large cities, this is the first group of locations on which the brand focuses. It is also a natural direction to fill in the blank spots on the Polish map and start trading where Aldi is not yet present. The network does not exclude smaller towns either.

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