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Poland: Woolworth will enter Poland this year

Discount Variety Retail Chain Woolworth bets on the Blix Group. The first Woolworth store will be opened in Poland in May this year, while a campaign promoting this brand among users of the Blix application is already underway. Shoppers can add a new retail chain to their favorites to receive notifications about the appearance of its leaflets as early as possible.

More than 8,000 assortment SKU in Woolworth stores

"We have over 8,000 good quality products at low prices for local consumers. And from the very beginning we want to distribute our offers to Polish customers in a targeted way. That is why it is very important for us to cooperate with the market leader in the field of digital offer communication, which is the Blix Group. This company is No. 1 in Poland both in terms of reach and number of active users", comments Ruben Schmitz, Head of Marketing Department at Woolworth.

Woolworth's cooperation with the Blix Group will consist in the publication and promotion of the chain's advertising leaflets, both regular and dedicated to one specific location in which the new store will open. The opening campaigns will be accompanied by sending push notifications to users of the Blix application, inviting them to familiarize themselves with the special offer.

"We are excited that Woolworth has chosen us as its main distribution channel for promotional leaflets in Poland. This was determined by the high market position of our services. Another important advantage was the quality of the presented e-publications. It was also important that electronic newsletters are currently the most important way to reach Polish customers. In addition to ecological and economic aspects, it is an extremely convenient communication channel for the consumer, and at the same time fast for Woolworth", says Krzysztof Łuczak, PhD, Head of Retail at the Blix Group.

Woolworth has no paper flyers

In 2022, in Germany, Woolworth switched from its brochure communication to purely digital leaflets. As Ruben Schmitz assures, the new types of content have an exceptionally high reading time and click-through rate compared to the corresponding market.

"In difficult times for retail around the world, including Germany, Woolworth has proven that well-managed stores can be successful. Now, direct cooperation will enable it to reach a wide range of customers with the newsletter. Thus, it will ensure an excellent introduction of the new brand and its commercial offer to our market", adds Dr. Łuczak.

Woolworth, a brand originating in the United States, has been offering a wide range of products available at low prices for over 140 years. As the current German company, it started in 2010 with 158 department stores and now has more than 590 stores, mainly in city centers, retail parks, shopping centers and detached locations.

"We are not only a local supplier of everyday items, but also ideas for a cozy home. Our assortment includes, clothing for the whole family, footwear, bags, suitcases, pet and DIY products, stationery and toys. That's a total of 8,400 articles. About 4,000 of them cost less than 3 euros. Every day, a total of 89 trucks are loaded and unloaded by 300 stores. They will soon come to Poland", sums up Ruben Schmitz from the Woolworth chain.


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