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Portugal: Lidl invests 110 million euro in its largest logistics warehouse

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Portugal (owned by the German Schwarz Group) launched the first symbolic stone of the new warehouse in Loures, which represents an investment of 110 million euros and will create 200 jobs, in a ceremony that was attended by the Minister of Economy, António Costa Silva.

The new logistics infrastructure, scheduled to open in the second quarter of next year, will be the fifth in the country, after those of Santo Tirso, Torres Novas, Palmela and Sintra that supply 272 stores that the German discount chain has from north to south of the country and employ more than 9,000 employees, but it will be the largest in terms of gross building area, with 54,000 square meters.

"Today is a happy day for Lidl, for the municipality of Loures and for the metropolitan region of Lisbon," said Milton Rego, Lidl's expansion and infrastructure administrator.

"It will be another benchmark in logistics in Portugal," said the same official, noting that the new warehouse, with storage capacity for more than 44,000 pallets, will have "efficient materials, comfort solutions and avant-garde operations."

From an environmental point of view, Milton Rego points out that the warehouse will be equipped with solar panels for energy production, 2.5 megawatts-peak, "enough to supply 80 houses per year" and a system for capturing and using rainwater and charging stations for electric vehicles.

In the construction of the infrastructure, which is being erected in an old quarry, which represents "a challenge from the point of view of engineering", forcing from the outset the movement of almost 2 million cubic meters of land, more than 80 Portuguese companies will be involved, with a total of 350 employees.

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