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Turkey: ŞOK Marketler selected as the best brand to meet consumer needs

Discount Retail Chain ŞOK Marketler ((listed TYR: SOKM) has been selected as the best brand to meet consumer needs as part of a survey by Marketing Türkiye.

The Election and Consumption Habits Survey conducted by Sia Insight for Marketing Türkiye among metropolitan residents has revealed that ŞOK Marketler stands as the “Best Brand to Meet Consumer Needs.” Conducted immediately after the big earthquake disaster in Türkiye, the survey aims to demonstrate how consumer habits and expectations are being shaped under the challenging conditions impacted by global crises and the recent disaster. The survey results indicate that the primary consumer expectation from brands is affordable and discounted products, followed by fixed prices and the avoidance of making a profit out of crises. As per the results, ŞOK Marketler was at the top of the list of brands that meet these consumer expectations.

Remarking they earned a place in people’s hearts with their “always-affordable” price policy and high-quality and reliable product range, ŞOK Marketler CEO Uğur Demirel said: “We offer high-quality products to our customers at the most affordable prices every single day, contributing to the household and national economy. The ‘Fixed prices in 1000 products’ campaign we held in January received great appreciation from our customers. We work to identify and meet our customers’ needs in the most proper way possible. And we have been doing our best to provide support in the challenging days since the deeply saddening disaster. It is very valuable for us to see that our hard work is acknowledged by the people in such a sensitive period. We are proud to be selected as the best brand to meet consumer needs. Thanks to our people, who deemed us worthy of this honor, our customers, and our colleagues who contribute to our success!”

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