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UK: Aldi extends self-service checkouts to more UK stores

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK (German family owned) has added self-service checkouts to many of its existing stores in a bid to “further improve customer experience.” This comes following positive feedback from the current unmanned checkouts that first launched in some of the discount grocer’s stores in 2019. “Following positive feedback, we are introducing self-checkouts across the county to further improve customer experience,” an Aldi spokesperson said.

According to reporting by BirminghamLive, the extended rollout of self-service tills has caused mixed reactions from shoppers, with one commenting in an Aldi Facebook group that the checkouts were a “win win”. While others agree that the system is “great” and a “game changer,” another said: “I get too flustered and just make mistakes, tech is not my thing.”

However, the Aldi spokesperson added: “Checkouts manned by our amazing colleagues will still be available for customers who prefer to use these.” Last year, Aldi joined the likes of Amazon Fresh and Tesco GetGo having launched its first checkout-free store in Greenwich.

The format allows customers to enter and scan items using a smartphone app as they shop and when leaving the store, shoppers will be automatically charged and sent an email receipt.


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