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Germany: Aldi liquidates self-checkouts due to theft

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Germany simplifies and modernizes shopping in its stores with self-service checkouts. The payment process is to be faster so that there are no queues at the checkout during peak hours. At the Cologne store in Germany, the modernization had an unintended effect. Soon after the introduction of the new system, it was taken out.

Self-checkouts are especially popular with students. The Aldi Süd store in Niehler Kirchweg in Cologne is overcrowded at lunchtime. Due to the surrounding junior high schools and technical school, there is a commotion at the checkouts during breaks. Some people take advantage of it.

It turns out that a lot of products were stolen in the store. It is said that young people bring with them more rolls and drinks than they bought. Especially items without a barcode cause blockages at checkouts during peak periods, because the code of each product has to be entered individually. Confusion quickly becomes and it is difficult to check whether everything has really been paid.

The discount chain Aldi Süd has been introducing new payment systems since January. There will be at least one double cash register in all stores. This will allow two customers to be billed simultaneously by adding another freight shaft.

This means that one customer can easily pay with an EC card and another purchase can be made at the same time. Cash registers receive two separate EC terminals and two receipt printers. It should also make packing a lot more stress-free.

See here for more: Aldi liquidates self-checkouts due to theft (

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