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Germany: Aldi lowers coffee prices for its own private label coffee

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd have announced they will permanently lower prices for whole beans and ground coffee products sold under their own private label brands. Ground coffee and whole beans from Aldi's own brands Moreno, Markus Kaffee, Amaroy and Tizio are now permanently reduced in price by up to 20% in the 4,000 stores of both discounters in Germany.

These coffee products are to become cheaper at Aldi Nord:

- Markus Kaffee (Gold, mild, decaffeinated) from 4,99 to 3,99 Euro

- Markus Kaffee Classic from 3,99 to 3,49 Euro

- Markus Kaffee Exklusiv from 5,39 to 4,99 Euro

- Markus Kaffee (Fairtrade organic coffee ground) from 6,69 to 5,99 Euro

- Moreno Caffé (crema, natural mild, espresso, whole bean )from 9,99 to 8,99 Euro

- Moreno Espresso Classico (1 kilogram) from 7,99 to 6,99 Euro

- Moreno (Bio Caffe Crema, Bio Espresso Fairtrade) from 12,99 to 10,99 Euro

- Gustoso whole bean from 7,99 to 6,99 Euro

Amazon rainforest project

In 2021, Aldi Nord expanded its coffee range to include a sustainable type of coffee with 'Sweet Brazil' coffee to its private-label brand Gourmet Finest Cuisine. The discounter said the sales of the product promotes sustainable coffee cultivation in the Amazon region. The project, organised by IDESAM organisation, sends proceeds from the sales of the product directly into the 'Apuí Agroforestry Coffee Project' in the Amazon rainforest.

Infrastructure projects

The reforestation of the Apuí region, which is repeatedly affected by forest fires, supports local coffee cultivation, and promotes sustainable development in the region. The focus of the project is, among other things, the afforestation of damaged areas and the restoration of a healthy ecosystem. Furthermore, the discounter says local coffee farmers are supported by infrastructure projects in order to improve the coffee quality in a targeted manner and thus facilitate their market access. "We are pleased that we are offering our customers a product with our 'Sweet Brazil' coffee that they can purchase to make a simple contribution to climate protection," said Tobias Heinbockel, managing director category management at Aldi Nord at the time.

Sustainability initiatives

Last July, Aldi Nord announced new climate goals and shared a detailed overview of its sustainability initiatives in its 2021 Sustainability Report. The retailer said it will focus mainly on the topic of climate protection. In Germany, Aldi Nord now also obtains 100% of its electricity from renewable energies.

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