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Germany: Lidl rebuilds range: less meat, more plant-based products

Updated: Feb 6

Discounter Lidl is rebuilding its assortment. By 2025, there should be more plant-based products in the range, the proportion of meat products should decrease. Lidl itself speaks of a transformation to a sustainable diet.

Germany's supermarkets are increasingly adapting to the trend towards less meat. Whether meatballs made from soy or seitan schnitzel. The selection of vegetarian or vegan articles is growing, on the shelves there are more and more alternatives to meat. Lidl now dares to take the next step and announces that it will continue to turn its range upside down in the future. "Lidl faces up to its responsibility as a trading company and its important intermediary role between food producers and customers and would like to actively promote the transformation to a sustainable diet," said a spokesman at the request of the editorial network Germany (RND). They are aware of the fact that nutrition has a significant impact on the climate, biodiversity and health. First, the "Lebensmittel Zeitung" had reported on the advance.

Lidl purchasing chief Christoph Graf had already spoken at the Green Week that agriculture would probably become more sustainable in the future and that there would be a new balance between plant-based and animal-based protein nutrition. At the consumer fair, which took place at the end of January for the first time in two years in Berlin, Graf also spoke of a change that was "without alternative" and referred to the limits of a planet that is approaching a population of 10 billion people. That's how many people will live on Earth by the middle of the century, according to previous forecasts by the United Nations.

Source: RND

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