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Germany: Norma introduces also sustainable plastic crates for fruit and vegetables

Discount Retail Chain Norma Germany (German family owned) and IFCO are expanding their cooperation, for more sustainability and the reduction of food waste! The Nuremberg-based food discounter and the world's leading provider of reusable transport crates have entered into a long-term partnership to this end, declaring war on single-use packaging in the fresh food supply chain.

The aim is to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint along the value chain. At the same time, IFCO crates bring numerous other advantages in terms of ecology and economy during transport.

The much-cited triad of sustainability - reduce, reuse, recycle - is anchored even more firmly in NORMA's sustainability strategy through the use of reusable transport crates. In the future, more and more items in the fruit and vegetable range will be delivered with the reusable transport trays. Disposable cardboard boxes, for the production of which more energy and water are consumed over their entire life cycle, will then be a thing of the past in the long run.

The amount of packaging waste is therefore significantly reduced. Thanks to the so-called IFCO SmartCycleTM, the reusable transport trays remain in use in the long term and ensure smooth and more efficient logistics between the producers of fresh food and the end customer in the NORMA store. As part of this cycle, discarded defective reusable crates are first processed into granules and then into new transport crates.

The expansion of the cooperation between NORMA and IFCO sets new standards in the sustainability efforts to date. The smart crates ensure that, thanks to the sturdy design, transport damage is also reduced. As a result, more fresh fruit and vegetables end up on sale. The advantages of IFCO crates are therefore obvious.


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