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Poland: Lidl rolling out electronic shelf labels

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Poland (owned by the German Schwarz Group) has been testing Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) for a short time.

In February 2022, the ESL could be found in only a few Lidl stores. Lidl declared then that within a dozen or so months it wanted to equip several hundred of its facilities with electronic prices, and ultimately all of them.

ESL appear in other Lidl Polska stores. "Currently, we have used this solution in 16 facilities", informed Aleksandra Robaszkiewicz, Head of Corporate Communications and CSR, Lidl Polska in

She adds, "by the end of 2023, Lidl plans to equip all its stores with this type of label. We are constantly improving them, striving to make them as readable as possible for customers, and as easy to use as possible for employees. We also learned that in each store of the chain there will be over 4,000 electronic labels in various sizes."

Initially, Lidl informed that it would install electronic price labels on shelves with fresh assortment, i.e. at fruit and vegetables, dairy and bread only. Lidl explained then that "the area of fruit and vegetables is particularly important because it is characterized by frequent changes in the assortment and dynamic prices". At the end of last year, in the face of galloping prices of all products, this translation lost its raison d'être and the Lidl headquarters in Germany decided to implement a modern solution on a large scale in Europe.

ESL seemingly look like traditional price labels, but looking closely it turns out that they are small screens displaying the price, country of origin and information about the product. After the implementations in Lidl, you can see a lot of flexibility of the solution. The display may contain a message about one article; the price list can also be divided in half and then notify about two products; there is also a third option, which Lidl also uses: the colour distinction of the goods in the promotion, a red background instead of the standard white.

Being in one of the chain's Warsaw stores, finds that ESL looks good, prices are clearly visible even for people with less sight, which a few years ago was the main complaint by retailers to manufacturers of these devices.

They look unsightly only on paper promotional stands, they are skewed on it and are easy to remove, which could raise the risk of theft.

Similar developments on ESL are taking place at Aldi Süd at the moment. So within a short period of time more European (discount) retailers will come with similar solutions, with large scale roll-outs.

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