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Switzerland: Aldi completes upgrade its store network

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Switzerland (German family owned) has completed the modernisation of its store network and expanded its standard assortment of products.

The store conversion process commenced two years ago and since then over 200 stores have been modernised, the company said.

New Store Concept

In addition, all new stores opened during the period were built according to the discounter's new branch concept. The new concept features what the retailer has described as a 'high-quality' presentation of goods, including a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables creating a 'market-like' atmosphere. Throughout each store, shelving has been updated, while refrigerators with energy-saving LED lighting provide greater space and visibility. Elsewhere, the checkout area has been optimised, while self-checkout or Scan&Go systems have been installed in some stores.

Expanded Product Range

At the same time, Aldi Suisse has complemented its existing standard assortment by 200 SKUs, in response to growing demand from consumers for more fresh, organic and regional products. The new additions include the new organic private-label brand Retour aux Sources, under which Bio Swiss products are offered, featuring standards that exceed those of previous products.

A number of other regional specialties, under the new own-label brand Saveurs Suisses have also been added to Aldi store shelves. The fresh produce and convenience sectors have also been significantly expanded in the new-look stores, including the introduction of a wider range of plant-based products. "The large amount of positive feedback showed us that our customers are enthusiastic about the modern ambience in the newly designed branches," said Jérôme Meyer, country managing director of Aldi Suisse.

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