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Italy: Action Italy reveals strategies and development plans

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Discount Non-food Retail Chain Action Italy's (owned by UK PE investor 3i Group) expansion projects for 2023 are big. The chain, born 30 years ago in the Netherlands, announces strategies for growth in Italy.

For 2023, Action intends to double the number of openings compared to last year. The brand, which entered our country in 2021, but was born 30 years ago with the first store in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands, is active on the national territory with 28 structures of which 21 were built only in 2022. The stores are distributed between Lombardy (16), Piedmont (9) and Veneto (3), the last region in order of time in which Action entered last July. In 2023 Action will aim to further cover Northern Italy and expand towards the central regions, doubling its size.

The presence of Action in the world

Today the non-food discount store operates in 10 European countries, including Italy and employs over 65,000 people of more than 124 different nationalities. It offers an assortment of around 6,000 ever-changing products to over 12 million customers in more than 2,133 stores in Europe and to another eight million users on the website every week.

The strategy for success

The chain's business model is based on a few assets: constant improvement, elimination of unnecessary costs and efficient management with a focus on simplicity and standardization of processes. The points of sale of the sign are often located far from the main streets but easy to find. Also important is the strategy of affordable prices, guaranteed by an assortment divided into 14 product categories designed on the needs of consumers but with a limited number of items. Action focuses only on the products that are purchased most frequently. A choice that limits the unsold and translates into a greater density of sales. In each country the assortment is almost identical.

"Offering to the customer is at the heart of everything Action does. As a non-food discounter we must stick to our formula and never forget to put the customer first, making sure that he keeps coming back", explains Philippe Levisse, general manager of Action in Italy. People add value to our brand; our employees are the backbone of Action. We are a discount but we never discount people. We make sure they feel good working with what we call 'the complete Action package': from pay to growth opportunities, from being able to work time to creating a good work-life balance."


Among the objectives of the group there is also a strategy that looks at the well-being of nature. The general manager adds: "Sustainable sourcing and production are essential for the future and responsible growth of Action. We have the size and location to provide our customers with good quality, sustainable products at the lowest price. As a leading retailer in the discount industry, we consider it our responsibility to work continuously to improve our products, our supply chain and to reduce CO2 emissions. This is the goal we continue to pursue."

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