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Netherlands: Lidl ceases private label Delicieux and prolongs Deluxe

Discount Retail Chain Lidl (owned by the German Schwarz Group) puts an end to the name Delicieux and from now on sells its luxury private label products under the name Deluxe. 'With the name change, I don't expect the success to slump', marketer Jorieke de Vries-Goosen responds.

The private label name Delicieux originated fifteen years ago and has since been a complete higher priced private label product line. "It turned out to be a huge success. More and more Lidl countries followed the international harmonization of the brand, but the ruling was a problem. Delicieux is therefore changing to Deluxe," the discount chain itself reports.

Lidl: Only name Delicieux changes 'The whole of the Netherlands can still enjoy more than 350 luxury products, available today in all Lidl stores. From luxury stol, Beter Leven gourmet meat, new vegetarian alternatives and the most sustainable eggs in the world, to a 100 percent Fairtrade chocolate range. Just like Delicieux, the Deluxe brand stands for "Luxury for everyone": affordable luxury that is exclusively available at Lidl," says Lidl.

Brochure with Deluxe products For further introduction, the retailer is simultaneously bringing its own edition in stores containing all Deluxe products. In addition, the campaign has been translated into various print advertisements in magazines and newspapers, radio and online communications. In a new commercial, which can already be seen in the window below, the concept of 'new spring, new look' is explained. This film will go live next Sunday.

Lidl's best-known brand 'We have been building the Delicieux brand for years, which has paid off. It is Lidl's best-known brand and the most famous holiday house brand of all supermarkets', explains Jorieke de Vries-Goosen, head of marketing Lidl. 'With an average awareness of 80 percent among Dutch consumers and an average purchase intention of 60 percent, we score extremely high. And people appreciate it, more than 75 percent associate it with affordable luxury, convenience and quality. That's the result of years of consistent campaigning, we've built a really strong brand. With the name change, I therefore do not expect the success to collapse. The brand is now powerful enough on its own. And moreover, in these expensive times, affordable luxury is more welcome than ever.'

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