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Research: Aldi is the new German advertising darling

Since 2020, APG, BBDO, Deloitte and Yougov have been conducting a long-term study exclusively for HORIZONT Online to collect the advertising favorites of Germans i.e. the brands that have become firmly established in people's minds in the long term due to their positively perceived advertising. In the last quarter of the past year, Aldi was able to take first place thanks to its Christmas campaign and is now enthroned at the top together with long-term leader Haribo. Deutsche Telekom ranked bronze.

The best of the Christmas campaigns, however, is that of Aldi, whose storytelling is perhaps not quite as sophisticated, but has a feel-good character more than all the others. In the spot, people conjure up very different Christmas surprises from Aldi bags for others. The discounter's message: "Whatever you do, make it your party." With this approach, Aldi, together with Antoni 99, triggers joy in 56 percent of those surveyed and thus more than with any other advertising darling. In fact, no other Christmas film was mentioned as often as Aldi's.

Source: Horizont

See here for more: Exklusive Langzeitstudie: Aldi ist neuer deutscher Werbeliebling - neben Dauerprimus Haribo (

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