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Research: Private Labels making up 36% of the total FMCG value sales

Small and mid-sized manufacturers are losing ground in volume and value to private labels, which now make up 36% of total FMCG value sales in Europe.

According to IRI, the UK continues to lead private labels sales in absolute value based on its data looking into over 230 FMCG categories, over 2,000 product segments and over 100 million SKUs, considering the impact of the pandemic, inflation and the cost-of-living crisis.

As a result of price rises, IRI’s report found that retailers are optimising ranges, pack sizes and price points, however found that strategies differ by category and value tier, with one of the biggest beneficiaries being private labels.

The data analytics and market research company has said that is anticipates a price war is increasingly likely in early 2023.

“Private labels have traditionally offered lower prices to shoppers. But these are not sustainable and inflationary price rises have been greater than on well-recognised brand names,” IRI strategic growth insights global SVP, Ananda Roy said.

“Yet this has not dampened demand especially in the Chilled and Fresh, Ambient and Frozen segments in food categories, and Household and Personal Care in non-food categories.”

“Our research has shown this is because around 60% of consumers believe private labels are as good at national brands on quality, innovativeness, sustainability, trust and delivering on claims, with 25% saying some private labels are ‘even better’ than national brands. This is a significant shift from previous periods.”

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