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Belgium: Supermarkets are increasingly focusing on it: "Up to 60% cheaper"

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Belgium & Luxembourg attracts customer by showing ways to save on your groceries. Then it is definitely worth taking a look at own brands or private labels. Comparisons show that these brands are up to 60 percent cheaper than A-brands, according to Lidl.

Lidl lowers the prices of more than 250 private labels. "We see that high inflation and rising food prices brought strong growth in sales of our own brands," says Hendrik Van Wilderode, Director of Marketing and Purchasing Lidl Belgium and Luxembourg.

"The highest quality for the lowest price is in our DNA and private labels are our strength. That is why we are lowering our prices of our fixed range as soon as possible to always meet this promise." "Never before have so many price comparisons been carried out in recent years and each time the conclusion is: own brands are up to 60% cheaper. With this permanent price reduction, we are reinforcing this once again." This statement by Van Wilderode once again highlights the advantages of private labels and the reason why supermarkets are increasingly focusing on their own brands. Save on groceries in the supermarket Consumers can save a lot on their groceries with private labels, while still getting good quality. As a result, the choice for private labels is becoming increasingly attractive to customers.

In short, own brands or private labels are a smart choice for consumers who want to save on their groceries. Supermarkets, such as Lidl, are cleverly responding to this by continuously developing their own brands and lowering prices, as Van Wilderode indicates.


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